Shop Rates

Bow Tuning Fees

(Bow, arrows & accessories not included & sold separately)

Elite Bow Tune $139.95 2.5 hr.

  • Install rest and sight, also set nock point, tie in D-Loop and adjust for center shot

  • Adjust sight 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis level where applicable.

  • Install peep, 1/4", 3/16”, and 1/8" inch available.  Set peep height and locking in place using exclusive serving technique.  Peep is additional cost

  • Set draw weight and draw length adjustment based on shooter’s measurements

  • Adjust strings and/or cables to ensure proper cam timing and peep/D-loop alignment                           

  • Paper tune with fletched arrow for perfect bullet hole

  • Sight in bow out to 50 yards for next step

  • Walk Back Tune – fine-tune arrow rest to ensure true center shot 

  • Slow motion video ensuring proper arrow flight is available upon request

  • Free Archers Advantage Program analysis of arrow selection and sight tapes

Free adjustment for 1 year (Does not include physical damage)  

Add Ons:

  • Bare Shaft Tuning #1 arrow $45.00 0.5 hr.

  • Broadhead Group Tuning $45.00 0.5 hr.

Arrow Building Fees

(Arrows not included & sold separately)

Premium Arrow Build $149.95/dozen 2.5 hrs.

  • Premium custom cut bare shaft arrows for match grade quality arrows using spine charts and archery software to determine best set up.  Depending on the brand and quality, can get arrows to weigh within 0.5-1.0 grains of each other.  Many times within 0.1-0.3 grains.  Along with spine indexing every arrow to ensure consistent and proper flight for match grade quality. No more “where is my best arrow?”  All arrows will fly the same.  Custom fletching options include: fletching color, length, left or right offset, different degrees of offset, and color of vane waps supplied by (arrows and components not included)     

Standard Arrow Build $39.95/dozen 0.5 hr.

  • This is to cut a Dozen pre-fletched arrows and glue in field points.  Once all arrows are cut to length, the ends will be squared, inserts will be glued in, field points installed, and nocks installed.  (arrows and components not included)

  • Squaring both ends of the arrow shaft to ensure proper nock and point alignment

  • If you want me to fletch Bare Shaft arrows with custom arrow wraps and custom fletchings, add $40.00 1.0 hr.  (wraps & fletching extra)

Re-fletch Arrows $69.95/dozen 1.0 hr.

  • This includes removal of all old and damaged fletchings, then the installation of new arrow wraps and fletchings. (arrows, wraps, fletchings, and components not included) Labor only

Arrow/Broadhead Tune $69.95/dozen 1.0 hr.

  • This service includes using the Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Tuner.  With this tool, we can square your arrow and insert, tune broadheads, and check arrow straightness.  It tunes broadheads by correcting any misalignment between the arrow, insert, and broadhead itself.  We can correct the straightness within .001”, which will greatly increase accuracy.

Bow services a la carte: (does not include parts)

Adjust cam timing and cam lean**               $25

Install, level, and adjust bow sight*               $35

Paper tune and adjustment                           $45

Install rest and adjust center shot*                 $35

Walk back tune and adjust                          $45

Waxing strings (in press)                              $10

Draw weight and/or length adjust                 $25

Replace center serving                                 $35

Install D-loop**                                          $30

Install grip tape to grip of bow                       $10

Peep installation**                                       $35

Install grip tape to grip of release                    $10

Bowmar Nose Button + installation                  $35

Complete yearly/damage inspection               $35

1 Hr. shot process & training seminar               $60

Sight in up to 50 yards                                  $35

Chronograph (up to 10 shots)                         $10

Archers Advantage Program                            $45

*Free installation with purchase of item at shop

**Included with purchase of new Phantom or GAS Bowstrings

Phantom Bowstings (includes install)

2-3 Piece Set including installation                  $145

3-7 Piece Set including installation                  $165

GAS Bowstrings (includes $35 install fee)

High Octane Strings                                      $175

Ghost XV and Ghost Camo                             $185