Stage 3 Compound Bow Tuning

Best for Precision & Long-Distance Shooting (100+ yards)

  • 6 hours
  • 320 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Includes entire process from Stage 1 and Stage 2 plus: Premium custom cut bare shaft arrows for match grade quality arrows using spine charts and archery software to determine best set up. Depending on the brand and quality of the arrow, can get arrows to weigh within 0.5-1.0 grains of each other. Many times within 0.1-0.3 grains. We will also spine index every arrow to ensure consistent and proper arrow flight for match grade quality. No more ‘where is my best arrow?” All arrows will fly the same. Custom fletching options include fletching color, length, left or right offset, different degrees of offset, and solid color of vane waps supplied by All included with price above ($25.99 value) Paper tune #1 arrow for perfect bullet hole – adjusting cam timing, cam lean, and nock position Paper tune every fetched arrow to verify all arrows are spine matched Slow motion video ensuring proper arrow flight and rotation Finally sight in bow based on customer’s sight options. Whether it be a multi-pin or single-pin sight. No limit to the distance Free Stage 3 adjustments for life of current string/cables (Does not include physical damage) ($175.00 without full custom arrow build) IMPORTANT: Please be prepared to leave your bow & arrows. Arrows take 24 hours to dry. Cannot complete Stage 3 process in one day. Will schedule a second appointment to complete the tuning process.

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  • Location 1